Preparing for the Future of Transport

Exciting times for Upstream - it was one of the projects featured at an ESP Group event on 'Preparing for the future of transport' in the Houses of Parliament. That's Steve there, talking guests through the various items on the agenda which included Car Freedom, a service which aims to make mobility better for over 60s. 

It was a good opportunity to talk a little about Upstream but also to see how our work fits with other initiatives that are looking at how travel and transport need to be designed with people's needs in mind. Car Freedom certainly addresses one of the issues that we hear about at almost every workshop - the need to support the difficult transition of giving up driving.

The event also saw the launch of the ESP Group's Easy Travel Index which gathered the views of 3,331 people in 33 UK cities to better understand attitudes to transport and '...get an insight into how people believe transport will evolve in the future.'

Interesting to see that one of the headline figures is that 30% of people worry about getting lost when travelling. Having got on the wrong tube to get to the event, I could begin to understand. It's also something we hear in our workshops - the complexity of finding our way, the consequences of poor signage and the anxiety of being separated from a companion.