Happy Landings!

We talk a lot about the benefits of getting people together to talk about travel and transport. Operator staff learn new insights about travel challenges and potential solutions from people affected by dementia. Equally importantly, people affected by dementia report that they learn about the assistance that is already available to them, as well as having ideas about how things could be better.

Some talk about feeling more confident about travelling and using assistance services after having talked them through. So, it's great when we hear stories that show the positive outcomes that can follow from these encounters.

We've written before about the successful visit we had to Aberdeen Airport with Alzheimer Scotland's Positive Dementia Group back in March. While we were there we heard about Roy and Charlotte's forthcoming big trip and staff described and demonstrated assistance service that they could use to help their journey go a little smoother. We also walked through the check-in and security processes.

Having returned, Roy and Charlotte shared their experience on the Alzheimer Scotland (Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire) Facebook page and it looks like it was a happy one. 

"'When we booked our flights we told the travel agents that Roy had dementia. Telling them & then getting all the tips when we went to the airport that day was just great. We had no problems at all..."

"We would advise anyone that is travelling to ask for assistance. It certainly made a difference to Roy being able to go back to see the family & not be apprehensive about the journey. The other thing I would advise is if you do a long haul have a stopover & keep hydrated. It makes such a difference."

We're delighted that Charlotte and Roy had a good trip - and thanks to Kevin, Fraser and colleagues at the airport for providing those hints and tips that helped them on their way!