Go Upstream brings a unique set of stories, skills, experiences, ideas and people to projects and businesses. Travel isn't just about transport, many more services contribute to a good journey. We’re currently working on a range of projects:

‘Welcome’ Aboard


Go Upstream is leading this project working with people with dementia to improve the experience of assisted rail travel. Working with Neatebox, DEEP, LNER and Open Change, we’re exploring the potential for using Neatebox’s Welcome app to create an enhanced Passenger Assist service.

Toilets and Journeys


Go Upstream is working with the University of Edinburgh, PAMIS and others to gather the experiences of people with a range of disabilities, including dementia, as they travel and try to find and access toilets along their route. What does ‘accessible’ really mean? How can we view finding and using a toilet as a 'service’? how can we help people who plan and manufacture bathrooms to design inclusive spaces? What can transport service providers learn from the experiences of passengers?

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Dementia and Driving


Go Upstream is supporting Project Onwards to develop a service to support people who have had to stop driving, or will stop driving, due to a diagnosis of dementia. This was an issue raised in early Upstream research and Onwards is exploring how we can provide help people to navigate through this difficult transition by learning about alternative transport options, using their driving budgets in new ways and by drawing support from the stories of others.

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Whatever we do, our starting point is to work with people living with dementia. 

If you'd like to hire Go Upstream, work in partnership with us or just say hello and compare notes do get in touch!