Go Upstream's experience-based training programme

We provide training for transport service providers that builds dementia awareness, explores this new knowledge in the specific context of travel and transport and then brings them together with people affected by dementia to designs solutions for more enabling transport . 

Introductory sessions 

In just one short session (around 1 hour) we introduce staff to the importance of considering passengers travelling with dementia. Using facts and figures about dementia, along with stories from people we've worked with, we explore how Go Upstream can help staff to better enable passengers with dementia in particular and hidden disabilities in general. 

Travelling well with dementia workshops

In these longer sessions (3 to 4 hours) we build a deeper understanding of the challenges of travelling with dementia and consider them in the context of the services that staff provide.

Using stories and experiences of many people affected by dementia, we explore the challenges of travelling with dementia. We help you to build on this knowledge using the Go Upstream Lens - a synthesis of the many individual challenges and stories that people are sharing.

The Lens helps us to 'translate' these stories and experiences into relevant considerations for your service and then points you to examples of solutions, prototypes and ideas that we are collecting. These can help you to develop ideas for your own services.     The ideas and experiences of staff form an important part of discussion and plans for further work. 

Shared Journeys   

Go Upstream creates opportunities for service providers to work directly with people affected by dementia, to learn, deepen understanding and to develop ideas together. We believe that by bringing people together we can learn from each other and develop a shared understanding of the challenges of travelling with dementia.

We do this through experiencing travel, taking journeys and trying out services. Together. Not mystery shopping.     

Service improvement 

We review what we all learned from the Shared Journey and help you to take ideas for improvement through a service design process. We want to help you turn interesting conversations into prototypes, ideas into new services.

More than training

Go Upstream can help you turn dementia awareness into a deeper understanding and ultimately service improvement, truly informed by the lived-experience of people affected by dementia. By working with Go Upstream you can take part in a process in which people affected by dementia have an opportunity to be involved at every stage.